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Advanced Treatment for Mouth Ulcers at Quality Dental Care

Oral Hygiene is important and any discomfort in one’s mouth one finds it difficult to cope up with. Also any abnormalities in the h can lead to other infections and diseases. Even mouth ulcers cannot be neglected. They may be harmful in the initial stages and if they persist the pain caused by them can […]

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What entails brushing and flossing?

Regular brushing and flossing your teeth is essential to maintain good oral hygiene. Dentists suggest that your brushing must be in the manner that your teeth are well maintained and also flossing are essential to remove plaque. Read more about What entails brushing and flossing? Brushing techniques are prescribed by dentists in order to ensure that […]

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Painless Root Canal Treatment at Quality Dental Care

When it comes to the root canal, most people have an intrinsic fear of the process. Our reputation is the subject of a gentle dentist, so when you need to perform a root canal therapy, there is no better place than our Quality Dental Care to do it. There are some basic facts about painless […]

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What are Dental Flap Surgery and its Procedure?

Flap surgery or gingival flap surgery is part of the periodontal surgery in which the gum is separated from the teeth and temporarily folded. This is done so that the dentist can reach the root of a tooth and bone. As part of the periodontal surgery, gingival flap surgery is used to treat gum disease. […]

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Sterilization of Dental Instrument at Quality Dental Care

The sterilization of various materials in the dental clinic is very important to maintain proper hygiene and to prevent cross-infection from patient to patient or patient to dentist or dental assistants. In the dental clinic, there are different types of materials used and, because of this, not all materials can be sterilized in the same […]

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Best Dental Hospital in Hyderabad

Quality dental care is one of the most renowned dental hospitals in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. A highly experienced team of cosmetic dentists and dental surgeons specializing in root canal treatment, implants, and other complex dental treatments, helps create your best smile at our fully equipped dental hospital. At Quality Dental Care, Our dentists work all […]

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Missing teeth? Dental implants or bridges can be your solution

When we have to choose a procedure to fill the gap left by a missing tooth, we are always in a dilemma whether to go with implants or bridges. Though both are fixed procedures, there are many things which differ in them. When people prefer bridges over implants, it’s mostly because of the fear that […]

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Top Dental hospitals in Banjara Hills – Quality Dental Care

The Quality Dental care is the most reputed dental hospital located in Hyderabad, which is one of the top dental hospitals in Banjara Hills and Quality Dental care has its presence in Hyderabad, Banjara hills, Rd no 12, with the name of Naveen Kalyan Dental Hospital & in association partnership with Ankura hospitals at kukatpally […]

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